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In case you were not following here’s how it turned out and some notes. Spoilers under the cut.

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Ok they was DEAD WRONG by picking Knight Eye lol. But I would have chose Gekido. I think only me n Doomsday keeps up with Chikara. But we still got 5 of the 8 right so I think we r good lol

John Silver does a LARIAT. Cause he’s FREAKIN JACKED.


Abbey Road

by Glauber Tanaka

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Mortal Kombat 1992-2011


LEGO Nintendo 64 Transformers


via I am Programmer,I have no life. on FB


via I am Programmer,I have no life. on FB

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Goldeneye 007 ~ Facility

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StarFox ~ Corneria

…And All the Men and Women Merely Players


This is it, folks; the Smash Bros. locations that we’ve picked to be our favorites. We had quite a time figuring this list out, but we think that just shows how many great stages Smash Bros. has had! Join us after the break to see the rest of our…


Past Stages (5-1)

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